Thursday, November 6, 2008

We love Hip-Hop !!

Hurray, Yesterday was mine and Eli's first Hip-Hop class. I love it !! So doe's Eli !! I learn't a couple moves. Eli did too. It was so cute looking thru the window while Eli had class, he was dancing. I'm looking foward to having a great Hip-Hop year !! Well. I take the Hip-Hop Tap Combo. So I learn't a little tap too. I really like it !! I took tap for a couple months when I was five, But I missed the recital because my Dad was in the Hospital. I'm hoping I don't miss the recital this time. Because in the beginning of may I'm going up to St.Louis MO for my older sister, she has a College Graduation. But they said it should be in April. That's good news !! Hopefully !

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