Monday, November 17, 2008

My homemade soaps..

Ok, So a couple days ago we went to Hobby Lobby so we could get some supplies we needed for school, because we were learning about christmas around the world, so they have us make a ton of different crafts. As we were going through the aisle I saw soap and asked my mom if we could buy it, we already had a soap making kit. She said yes, so tonight I was making tons of soap for gifts, I know christmas is still a month away but the first day of december I'm going to STL MO so I want to give some of my family some gifts while I'm there. So I made homemade soap.They turn't out really good.



De-De said...

very nice soaps!

sarah said...

I want soap!!

Maddy said...
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Maddy said...

Hello Aunt Sarah,
At first I didn't know it was you !! Haha, You want soap. We'll see about that !!!

Lisa C said...

I stink!! I want soap too!

Maddy said...

Ok, I will try to bring you some down in december, when we are driving to Anne&Barri's house.