Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Birthday!!

Hey everyone,
I had a birthday on June 2, I got a LAPTOP, A laptop case, a few dresses, some shirts, some toe rings, and alot of other stuff, but since I got the laptop, I didn't get a ton of gifts this year...! Oh, and on Friday I am having a LATE birthday party cause I'm going to see PureNRG in concert at RoseHeights Church, with 6 other friends!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!


A visit to St.Louis!!

Well in the end of may/beginning of june, I got to go to St.Louis and visit there for about a week!! I had a blast! I saw my both of my grandparents, I saw my BEST FRIEND Abi, and My other BEST FRIEND Julia and My other BEST FRIEND Cali! I got to eat at Icharly's with My grandparents (My moms parents) and my aunt dede and uncle Jeff, and their 3 boys and My other Aunt, Jessica and Her lil boy, Trey!! We also had a family party at My Aunt Dede's and Uncle Jeff's house, We were celebrating all the Birthdays going on In my family, It was Eli's, My Mom, My grandma Pat and Me!!!! I also got to go to the AWESOME St.Louis Zoo with my other aunt and uncle, Lisa and Andy and their 3 kids!! Then we had another family party with my dad's family, and we celebrated the Birthdays there too!!!! I also got to go to My old church, Destiny, I LOVE that Church!! When I was with Julia and Cali I got to go to Six Flags!!! It was sooo much fun!!! I miss ALL of my family and friends in St.Louis!! I did more stuff too, But it is too much to write :( !!



Sorry I haven't been updating in a while, I got a couple posts coming out tonight!! I've been busy lately, but I promise I will try to update MORE often...!