Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm so sorry! I havent posted in over 2 weeks! Well let me tell you why!
First, My sewing machine broke! Yes, I wasn't SO happy! So that tells alot! I couldn't sew!
Second, My camera broke! It is still broke! But now that my ssewing machince is alive again, I'm just gonnna use my parents camera until I get a new one!
and third! My Ipod touch broke! Yes, My 5 month yr old ipod broke! It hadn't been the best week for me! So My ipod had a waranty, so it got replaced by apple!
My mom looked at the sewing machince again today! and got it working! Praise God!
And..My camera is still broke..I'm just gonna eventually get a new one! So I promise I will be posting more often! even if there ain't gonna be as many pictures! I'm currently working a burlap bag! Perfect for putting snacks in to take to the park! or for sumer stuff, such as sun screen, floats, towels, ETC.! I look forward to showing u!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Goodwill Finds: $1.99 Memo Board!


I was at goodwill a few weeks back, and found this nice Memo Board, But the fabric was just icky..Well, To me, Well, I mean it was old and stuff! So, I took the screws out, and the pins, redid the fabric, used rubber cement to seal the fabric on the other side put the old ribbon back on, there were lil spots and bumps that helped us find the right place, and holes! Then, I screwed the frame back on! And I love it! and It was only $1.99, I already had the fabric and reused the ribbon! Whoot!
Madss :)


I know, I told you I was gonna redo my blog, and rename it.. Well, Yes, I know it hasn't happened yet! Because, I didn't have a program to edit or design anything. So, We found one, And I'm gonna work on it, but Meanwhile I think I have been off here to long, I'm just gonna start posting again! Stay Updated! :o
Madds :)