Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall House Decor!

Hey Y'all!
I wanted to share with you some fall updates on our house! I'm not done making fall stuff, but heres the current update! Enjoy!
Here is the opening between out kitchen and living room, and I placed a glass-ish pumpkin there, with some candles!

This Is the opening between out kitchen and sun-room, which has a bar type of thing. I spray painted some pine cones, and placed them in a pretty glass vase, and wrapped this green
burlap-y ribbon stuff around it, and made a bow, then there is a pretty decorative dish holder,
and fall leaf candle!

This is the Table in out sun-room, which I took a basket, and fill it ith random fall things, and fake decorative flowers, and then placed raffia around it, and used THIS tutorial for the pumpkin! It turned out lovely!

This is our fire place, (avoid the pin cushion, I had it sitting there, while trying to hang something! LOL!), I made some wooden pumpkins using the this tutorial !
Then, for the garland, I used this tutorial,

from make it-and-love it! And I'll tell ya, I made it, and Loveddd it! :)

This is our Kitchen table , I used this tutorial from make it-and-love it!
Then, I took a big ol' bowl, and filled it with some fun fall dec. and placed it on the mat!
Ain't it pretty?!?!
This is a little stand thingy-y we have in our kitchen, which I placed raffia on, then placed two REAL mini pie pumpkins on, then I put a pretty candle there!
I just had to share a close up :)

Here is a full view of the kitchen dining area! Well, more like half view, but you can see the decorations, so I'm calling it full view :)

So, I hope you enjoyed the pics! I still got some stuff to do, So I'll update you as I go :) !
Much Love,

Friday, October 1, 2010


So it is 2:40 in the morning, and I have already fallen asleep, but woke up, and was laying in bed, then, I saw a cockroach. I am now sitting in up in bed, and typing here, while EXHAUSTED! But, all I am thinking about it that dadgum roach! Ugh. Yes, I know, I am a GIRLY GIRL, and I'm proud of that sometimes, sometimes I'm not. Now I am gonna get off here, and try to get to sleep, and not have roach dreams..ugh. or else. Good-night!

P.S. On the other hand, I will try to post some type of tutorial tomorrow! I'm just so busy with swim team, and home-schooling, ETC.!