Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hip Hop starts tomorrow !! Yay !

Hey Y'all,
Well I'm gonna start taking Hip-Hop Tap Combo at YWAM with my friend Emma. Eli is taking Boys Hip Hop. I've never taken Hip-Hop, Nor has Eli. But I'm looking forward to it, It should be fun ! I will tell you how it goes tomorrow. Thanks !



De-De said...

When you guys learn some steps you'll have to put a video on here of you both dancing!

Maddy said...

Yeah I have a small christmas recital in December, I think, then in April i have a big recital. We'll tape those recitals !!

Julia said...

Maddy, its Julia! I just read Hip Hop
starts tomorrow!! Yay! I think you will do wonderful at hip hop!