Saturday, February 21, 2009

Father daughter dance...

Hi everybody,
I wanted to tell you about the father daughter dance I went to. It was at my church on valentines. I wore a cute black fancy dress that goes around your neck and it has 3 little flowers on it. Then my mom's friend curled and french twisted my hair. It was so cute !! Then I wore these back shoes that had a small heel on them. Then I wore pearl earrings and bracelet. Let me tell you the funny part, me and my friend went shopping together, and we ended up getting the same dress, then I got the black shoes at payless, when she saw them she liked them so much so she got the same ones, and we both were wearing pearls. So we were like twins !! It was so funny ! My mom and her friend were in charge of cooking the food. So I will tell you what we had for dinner at the dance. We had a yummy homemade lasagne, foccacia bread, salad, and the best dessert ever. I better get going, it was fun to tell you about the dance. Bye bye !!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you like my new febuary blog look ?

Do you like my new blog look for the month, I was trying to make it look like valentines, do you think it does ? I do a new backround each month, I try to make it fit the month. Leave a comment and give me your opinion. Thanks !!



I'm going fishing tomorrow...

I get to go fishing tomorrow. I like fishing it is alot of fun. Yippee !! I think it will be fun. I will tell you how it goes tomorrow. Bye Bye !!



Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Febuary !!

Oh My Goodness !! It's already Febuary, The year is gonna be blazing by before we know it. I also want to say Happy Birthday to my cousin, Aiden, Happy 4th B-day Aiden. De-De when you read this post tell him what I said. I better get going !!


The Field Trip To The Radio Station !!

Hello Guys,

I went to the Christian Radio Station here in Tyler on Friday, It was awesome. we got to go in the rooms were they talked live on the Radio and they programed what music would play. Then the other room we went in was the room where they recored stuff and would play it later on. I better get going now. Thank you !!