Monday, October 6, 2008

Yike's i think a have an Ear Infection

Oh no, I think i have and ear infection. I'm going to the Docter today.
Well last weekend sept 26 and 28 we were on the plane going to St.Louis MO,
And during landing my Ears popped really bad.So about a day later they were still hurting
and my Mom thought it was the pressure from the plane.But it still hasn't gone away, So we
think it is an ear infection.It hurts really bad.



De-De said...

I found your blog! Cute! I hope your ears feel better :)

Love Aunt DeDe

Maddy said...

That is funny, i just made this earlier this morning around 10:00 Am. How did you find it so fast.


De-De said...

I followed your Blog ID name and it took me to your profile, then I noticed your blog :)

Maddy said...

Oh.That's funny.