Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Weekend in Dallas TX

Well this weekend I went to Dallas TX, it is about an hour to an hour and half from my house. The reason we went is because my Mom had earned a free stay at a Hyatt Hotel. So we got to stay at a really big Hyatt hotel in downtown Dallas, I can't remember how many rooms there were, but there was 28 floors and we were on the 18th floor. I got to go to the Trinity River Audoubon, the Historic Village, the Outlet Mall, and I got to walk in downtown Dallas. In Downtown Dallas I eat lunch at Chipotle restraunt, and I saw the John F. Kennedy Memorial, and I saw the X in the street where John Kennedy got shot. I saw the Big Red building where the guy who shot John was in. In the evening I went swimming in the heated Pool and I got in the Hot tub. I had a fun weekend !! Bye Bye.


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