Monday, October 6, 2008

A Blast in St.Louis Mo.

September 26 through the 28 i was in my hometown for the weekend, St.Louis MO.
I had a blast from seeing my new baby cousins and Family to seeing my friends and going
to my old church.I got to hold Baby Dominic who is 6 months old (i had never met him before)
he is so cute,i held him the whole evening.Then i held baby Trey who is 4 months(i had never met him either) he is so cute to.I got to see all my family.Also i saw my B.F.F Abi Stovall, she spent the night with me at my Grandparents house and we went to Monkey Joe's and ate at Culver's
and went to Dollar Tree.And she went to Church with me on Sunday Morning. I went swimming too. It was a Blast !!



De-De said...

We had so much fun seeing you too!!

Maddy said...

That's good,all of the boys are so