Monday, October 27, 2008

A German Dinner !!

Ok, Years ago my parents and my older siblings lived in Belguim and Calfornia before I was born because my Dad was in the Army. My parents friends Roe and Mike were German and Roe gave my mom this yummy German Rouladen Recipe. It is so good, So about 4 months ago my Mom made the Rouladen because she had not made it in a while and I loved it, I have had it before but it was years ago, so every now and then my Mom makes it. I always ask her to make it. It is awesome. I get to have it tonight for Dinner. Hurray !!


De-De said...

Yummy! Your mama is a good cook!

Maddy said...

Haha, I help her cook alot. But when she makes Rouladen I help everytime.