Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ok, so, I know it has been forever since I've posted! I've been crafting as usual, just not posting, (Yes, I know, Y'all are sooo mad at me!) Sorrry, It's just been so busy around here! Buttttt, Tomorrow I have a post coming and maybe tutorial!??! Whoot!
Because, I have been working on some baby girl stuff for my new baby cousin, Sydney, who lives states away from me! I'll be seeing her and lots of my family next weekend, and So I decided to put together a little gift basket for her, She just went on 2 months! And, I haven't even met her yet! I'm soooo excited! So far I have made her, A scrap pieced bib(It's reversible too!) , 2 super cute burp cloths, with some old terry cloth from some old towel inside them, To esorb any drool, spit-up, ETC. and I'm gonna make her a few more things, I'll post pics of the things I've gotten done already tomorrow! I'm so thrilled with it! Now, Let's just hope my aunt Sarah(sydneys momma) Isn't reading this, I want it to be a surprise!! Whoot! That's all for now


Jenn said...

making baby things is so fun! Here's a link to something I know you could do too, and so cute!

Maddy said...

Yes, I actually was planning on my that ruffle butt onsie! Oh, and I LOVE u-create! And, yes it is, and it's sooo easy too!