Sunday, April 25, 2010

New shirt!

Hey! So I recently took this light pink shirt, oh and I feel so stupid, My pics are horrible, its my stupid camera and me, I am so lazy..well I have been the past few weeks! But, I Basically cut off the sleeves, cut the sleeves open, evened them out, cut them into 6 strips, sewed thisand that together,, ruffled em, sewing em on the shirt! And Voila'! I love it, but I dont love my horrible quality pics, so, I promise I'm gonna start taking better ones and editing them, So I'm done blogging for tonight, since I'm soo tired! But, I promise, Im gonna have so much stuff coming up this week! So be prepared! Oh and PS, would you like a tutorial on this?? I would love if you did, Oh, and could you please help me get to 15 followers by the end of this week???!!? Please, I would LOVE IT, and you know how much it would mean to me! Thanks!


Heidi said...


Saw your shirt featured on Tator Tots & Jello! How cute and creative - you've got talent!


Amy said...

Very cute! A tutorial would be great! You are so talented! :)