Monday, April 26, 2010

Goodwill finds

Hi! Good evening y'all(I feel so texas-ey saying that, I'm from missouri!, Uh oh, I think im becoming a Texan)!

I was at goodwill the other day with my momma and we managed to find some good deals! I got 2 picture frames, 8x10's, one for 99 cents, and the other for 49 cents! And they are pretty much Identical, and that also means I'm gonna be doing something with em soon!

As well, for a while now I have been wanting some type of jewerly hook to hang on my wall, but I had hooks, just needed a nice piece of wood! But, while at goodwill, I found something better! A peice Of wood with nice hooks/knobs on it! for ONLY 69 CENTS! Cheaper then a small block of wood! The thing needed some paint at trimming on the edges! So I took it, sawed off past a few small holes on the edges, sand it, painted it black, then used minwax satin clear coat, and it is fresh as new now! I have in hanging on my wall, decorated with my jewerly! Happiness :o !

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