Sunday, March 21, 2010

A purse redo!

Hey hey hey all! So I have had this boring ol' plain light green tote purse sitting in my closet-forever! So I found some very cheep fabric at Hobby Lobby! On sale, only $4.26 for a yard and a half of fabric! What a steal! So this sunday afternoon i worked on this cuteee purse! And the results- I'm In love with it! Im gonna buy some canvas totes and do it so i can do a bigger variaty of the purses! I would love to sell em, but I don't really know yet! But who knows Drum roll, please! and Ta-Da a fabulicious ruffly purse with a adorable brochette!! O and the ruffles covered the stains! notice them on the sorta before picture!! I'm so in love with this purse!


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