Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tutorial: Tank Top Purse

So, You ready for the tank top purse tutorial?!?!?!?!!(Note: when doing this use a tank top that the back and front are pretty close in length or else your purse could get pretty crooked!)

Gathered tank top tote

Supplies and tools
tank top
straight pins
fabric marker
sewing machine and thread
fabric scissors
seam ripper
sewing gauge or ruler

1. First remove the tags with a seam ripper or scissors.

2. Inside out the shirt.

3. Fold so that the straps lie on top of each other. Measure and mark where you want the seam to be. I placed mine about five inches from the bottom of the tank top.

4. Baste two rows (about 1/4-1/2 inch apart) along the line you marked. Do not back-stitch. Then pull the bobbin threads tight as you slide the fabric inward to gather it. Then use a straight stitch with a shorter stitch length and sew between the two basted seams. Back-stitch to lock the seam. Pull out the basted seams.

5. Cut off the excess fabric about 1/2 inch past the seam.
6. Turn the tote bag right-side out.

7. For a lil dec. you can make a flower pin with the scrap fabric, or some other fabric, or hem the scrap fabric, then tie it into a big bow on the straps, or just do it however you wish!

And, Ta-Da, that was super duper easy! An adorable purse, you now have!!


Mads :o)

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i absolutely love this idea and i think ill try it out

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