Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crafty bug!

So, recently after coming across the blog, , I have been crafting a little bit.I'm gonna do more stuff in the future,but first I'm gonna eventually learn how to sew.I really love what you can do with a sewing machine ..LOL! Soon I will post pics of the latest crafts I have been doing! But I'll tell you em-really fast! First I made a lil room dec. ,It's kinda hard to explain so you will see when i post pics! And the second things i have been making are head bands and hair bows! I'm thinking of giving the hair bows to my twin cousins and stuff..I might keep some for me-if they look mature enough-not to little girly! Although lil girl stuff is so freakin cute! I'm not kidding! K,well gotta get going now! Byee!

Mads (:

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