Monday, September 13, 2010

Cutsie Coasters

Hey y'all! I made some coasters the other day! They are super cute, and made with hexogon tiles I found in my attic, Lace, Ribbon, fabric, and cork!

What you need :
4 4x4 in. tiles..square or hexogon, any will work, but we had hexogon, which are pretty rare to find now..
Variety of lace
Variety of Ribbon
Any type of fabric to make the color selection y'all are doing, This is optional, as the fabric won't be VERY visible
Mod podge

Water proof sealant of your choice
Cork by the roll

1. Wash your tiles off good to ensure no crumble bits getting into the mod podge. Dry.
2. If you are using fabric, then, put MP(Mod Podge) on the right side of your tile, and place on wrong side of fabric, turn over, and trim.

3. Lay out your lace and ribbon in any design over your tile, cutting the strips about 5-6 in. long, so it's MUCh easier to trim and ETC. MP them on and over the lace/ribbon/fabric, as usual. Repeat steps 2 & 3 on all tiles.

4. Let dry then trim around edges with EXACTO knife.

(I didn't get pics of these next following
steps..but it's so easy, I think you get it!)
5. Place tile on cork and trace around it cutting out the right shape with an exacto knife!
6. Secure cork to bottom of coasters with whatever glue you wish to...Apply your water-proof sealent however the WP sealent says too.. I haven't done it with the WP sealant yet, but will very soon. You may just do it without the mod-podge, if it says too.

Hope it made sense! It's soooo easy!

And, for those of you who just don't feel like making em, I'll be selling them, along with my friend, Which the shop will start up soon, We'll notify you when it does! For now, suscribe to our e-mail updates by emailing and you'll get updates about "Cutsie Coasters" :) ! Thanks alot!

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