Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey y'all!
I am sooo upset! First off, I have tons of projects I wanna share with you, but the blogger picture uploader isn't working. Ugh! Is it happening to any of you? I have made a ruffle tote, bible carrier, hobo bag, hair clip, necklace, and much more, but I can't share any pictures, thanks to blogger. Ugh! And, to top all that off, I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 5 AM, (yes, I said FIVE AM!) to go to states, In dallas, My last meet of the season, It's 3 days long, and if I qualify In the morning, Then I go back in the evenings to swim, again! That's in frisco, A suburb of Dallas,(TX) AND there is a IKEA, and SAM MOON'S right by the hotel! Yes!! I get back sunday evening, and then I unpack from states and REPACK(Yes, I said REPACK!) for breakaway camp, which starts monday morning, I leave with my youth group at 8 AM to head to camp, which is 5 hrs away, dallas is half way! Whooo. Lots of driving (riding) and business! So I wont be blogging at all, starting tomorrow, and I'll be back on july 30th. It seems like to long! ahhh! So, now you see why I'm SO mad at blogger, If they fix the problem before late tonight, then I Might get a chance to upload em. keep your fingers crossed. K, bye!

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