Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Burlap-Muslim Throw pillow!

First of all, This morning, I only had 8 followers, it is only 6:40 in the evening at I have 16! Thank you everyone for doing this! Please pass it on, so I can get more!

Ok, Now, Let's get to the throw pillow I made! It is made out of burlap and muslim!
I hope you like it! I decided to post a tutorial, let me warm you, It isn't the best tutorial ever! But, It'll do, I hope! P.S I'm still trying to decide if I'm done with it, I might embelish it more, maybe with buttons, flowers, lace, anything really! I let you know if I do! But, For y'all who make one of these pillows, embelish it however you like, get creative! Ok, Here goes the tutorial!

1. First get out your burlap, you can very easily resize this pillow, depending on how big or small you want it, I cut mine about 26 inches long, and about 12 inches wide. It turned out being the perfect size, also Get out your muslim, But, you wont need it right away :)

2. Now fold your burlap over, rides sides together, and sew around it, until you get till the last side, then leave about a 4 inch long opening, to put the stuffing in through.

3. Now inside out the pillow, and stuff it up, till you get it till the desired 'fluffiness", I guess you could call it :)

4. Now take a needle and thread(i used brown, but you really can use any color thread, It ain't gonna be that visible. Ok, Now stitch that opening closed. Got that done?!? you should!

5. Ok, now it's time to make that ruffle! Get your muslim out, Usally when making a ruffle you try to at least double the length of there 'thing' it's going on, since my pillow was about 12 inches wide from top to bottom, I made the muslim strip about 24-26 inches long, and about 7 inches wide, Sorry I dont have a picture of this process. But, Trust me, It aint hard!

6. Now, Hem all sides of the fabric strip! Easy peezy!

7. Getting there! Now, Adjust you stitch lengh to its longest setting. It's time to ruffle! Now, Sew a long straight line straight done the strip, no back stitching.

8. Now, tie the thread into a knot on only one end of the ruffle, once that is done, take the other thread, the one we DIDN'T know, and pull the top thread lightly, to gather it! Adjust it to the size to fit one side of your pillow. Now, knot that piece of thread!

9. Now, Lay the ruffle in the middle of the pillow, straight down it, pin if you wish, but you will be hand stitching it on, so you really don't need to. Now, Get out your needle and thread again, Stitch the ruffle on!

10. You have now finished the pillow! Now, Go along and embelish it as you wish! If You end up making it, I would love to see some pics! Hope the tutorial made sense! Thanks!

Mads :o


Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

Really cute Maddy!! You are so talented. I love your pillow!


Tammy said...

Hi Maddy, You are one creative young lady. I think it's great that you are able to maintain a blog! Kudos to you! Oh, I just wanted to let you know that it's Muslin and not Muslim... now that would be a totally different tute! ;) Keep on craftin'!

Angela said...

This is absolutely adorable! You are ridiculously inspiring!