Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm so sorry! I havent posted in over 2 weeks! Well let me tell you why!
First, My sewing machine broke! Yes, I wasn't SO happy! So that tells alot! I couldn't sew!
Second, My camera broke! It is still broke! But now that my ssewing machince is alive again, I'm just gonnna use my parents camera until I get a new one!
and third! My Ipod touch broke! Yes, My 5 month yr old ipod broke! It hadn't been the best week for me! So My ipod had a waranty, so it got replaced by apple!
My mom looked at the sewing machince again today! and got it working! Praise God!
And..My camera is still broke..I'm just gonna eventually get a new one! So I promise I will be posting more often! even if there ain't gonna be as many pictures! I'm currently working a burlap bag! Perfect for putting snacks in to take to the park! or for sumer stuff, such as sun screen, floats, towels, ETC.! I look forward to showing u!

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