Monday, May 3, 2010

Goodwill Finds: $1.99 Memo Board!


I was at goodwill a few weeks back, and found this nice Memo Board, But the fabric was just icky..Well, To me, Well, I mean it was old and stuff! So, I took the screws out, and the pins, redid the fabric, used rubber cement to seal the fabric on the other side put the old ribbon back on, there were lil spots and bumps that helped us find the right place, and holes! Then, I screwed the frame back on! And I love it! and It was only $1.99, I already had the fabric and reused the ribbon! Whoot!
Madss :)


Jenn said...

Hey you, what's that fabric on that memo board? Where did you get it? So cute! I've been making lots of aprons lately...with ruffles! Wish my camera worked well enough to get the pics online, maybe Sierra will have to start sending you the pictures! You are an inspiration Mady! Keep it up!

CraftyMommy said...

love the fabric!! very pretty!!

Sophia said...

Very impressive!