Sunday, May 10, 2009

A busy Weekend

Hey Y'all,
So I hope you had a good weekend! I did, Emma Gilcrease spent the night on friday night, saturday morning We had a picnic for my dad's work and we ate hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch. They played bingo and I won bingo, I got a $25 Gift Card for Best Buy. Then around 3:00 PM we had to go to Eli's soccer team mates house cause the soccer season is over and they gave out trophys and there was an Inflatable, more deserts and we had more hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner. Then saturday night I spent the night with my next door neighbor, Madi Herber. Then today, We had church, We ate a Coyote Sam's for dinner and now we are home. Busy busy weekend! By the way, I found out about 2 weeks ago that my grandparents are coming to visit this weekend!! Yay!



Julia said...

That sound like a fun/ busy weekend!!


P.S. My mom is having another baby!!

Maddy said...

Yep It was a busy weekend! Oh, I know your mom is having another baby!! When does she find out what it is?