Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope you had a great christmas !!

I had a great christmas this year !! Me and Eli got a Nintendo Wii for us to share, I got some acrylic paint, oil pastels, canvas paper. a palette, paintbrushes, candy, my own pink knife, green cutting board, pink cookie cutters, pink measuring spoons, pink spatulas, 3 different arts and crafts kits, 5 games for the Wii plus the outdoor adventure game for it and the mat it came with, Once I added all my money together I got $72 bucks, oh, and I got a really cute shirt and a bracelet, and some european cookies that I LOVE, and a couple movies !! I think that's all !! Then Eli got the Wii too (It's for us to share) and the 6 games. He got $72 bucks to, and he got spider-man read along book, this write on board thingy,german cookies, candy, 4 movies,some batman shoes (from grandma), Umm, and a ton of other stuff. Lauren and Eric both got a few gift cards and cool stocking stuffers. We had a great christmas this year !!


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De-De said...

so you are the chef around the house now? Awesome!