Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer ends and......School starts :(....

I know summer is ending, or has already ended. I'm sad, I started school last monday. I wish summer didn't go by so fast! Even though I know I will have a greeat homeschooling year of 6TH GRADE, I am gonna miss summer. Will you miss it? Well....I guess we will just have it again next year! Oh well.....


Hey y'all peeps!
I got a facebook in may and I am soo addicted to it now, I know most of my family and friends have one, for those who dont, see if u can get one! I am ALWAYS on mine! I update alot on there and I have a ton of pics on there!


Ommmmmmmgosh, I am sooo sorry people, I haven't updated since June....I've been so Busy with SUMMER!! So did your summer go?!?! Was it fun, I can for sure say mine was fun!! I PROMISE I will update MORE often!